Optomap Retinal Exam: Early detection of eye disease


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Auto Refractor

testingAn autorefractor, sometimes called an automated refractor, is a device used during an eye exam to help determine visual acuity.

Our Eye Care Provider uses the autorefractor to examine how the eye processes light. Refraction errors are identified with this device and can help the eye doctor determine whether a person needs prescription glasses or contact lenses.



Retinal Camera

testingThe Test achieves extremely detailed, high-resolution diagnostic images of the retina, enabling a full 45-degree view angle to help our eyecare professional detect and monitor ocular conditions.





Visual Field

testingA visual field test is a method of measuring an individual’s entire scope of vision, that is their central and peripheral (side) vision. Visual field testing actually maps the visual fields of each eye individually. The visual field test is a subjective examination, requiring the patient to understand the testing instructions, fully cooperate, and complete the entire test in order to provide useful information.